Štefan Papčo

Brokeback Mountain, 2009

2009, fibreglass, 450x280x240 cm


A laminated model of the mountain is created after the highest of the Torres del Paine – three mountain towers in Patagonia in Chile. The scale is adjusted to fit the size of the room in the art gallery. Here, the mountain is free from its characteristics (wind intensity, subzero temperatures, etc.) and situated in an urban space, which changes the perception of the space. Visitors have to pass very near the sculpture to interpret it visually and tactually to be able to grasp it in complexity. The constrained space of the art gallery gives no chance to avoid contact with the mountain model. Thus, it presents an equivalent to the very real feeling on the face of a mountain, which is defined by the scale and structure adjusted to the exhibition space. The title is derived from the movie under the same title, where the mountain was the place of desire, even though the relationship of the two main characters remained unfulfilled from the long-term perspective.