Štefan Papčo

TATRA - Version, 2009

site-specific installation created for an old power station hall LYSE in Lysefiord, Norway, 800x800x400 cm


This is an attempt to define the form of inversion in the Tatras by means of construction, using a wide range of approaches towards the mountains. For some an easily accessible asylum, an escape from reality, a place for an achievement in sports, for others relaxation or a step away from boredom – these are just some of the possible ways of how to enjoy the mountains. Substantial changes concern both forms of relationships and approaches to the environment.
The inversion in the mountains is a state when the cloudiness affected by the high pressure enwraps the valleys while the peaks are clearly visible. This is an autonomous phenomenon of the “sublimity” of the surroundings. The construction details form a scheme and leave the interpretation of the inner content and the position of inversion open. This is how the installation tries to provoke the discussion about the current and future approach toward the value of the environment.