Štefan Papčo

Arena Reload, 2009

/101x23x78cm/, combined technique


A model of a fictive space, based on generating selected key mountain route passages. The selection is not determined by the difficulty level or aesthetic value of the form, but stems from the function of the pseudo-poetics of the titles of the works. Russian Roulette VI A3, Route of the Hungry V+A0, Psycho-vertical VI+A3, Nirvana VI A4, Restless Souls VII+ and other titles are an extension to the standard climbers’ environment. The titles reflect the climber’s approach towards creation and towards the value of the selected place. In the “climbers’ world”, these names generate an unconscious psychological game. Stress and fear from failure that the names produce even before the actual climbing gets underway beyond the horizon of the physical experience.
3D models realised through photogrammetry are transformed into geometric models (or rather modules). Putting these together produces a fictive, self-centred space that bears formal similarities to an artificial climbing wall. It cleans nature and defines the substitute environment. The model of the “Arena” is embedded in the context of Donald Judd’s work that is characteristic for depersonalization in the process of creation, suppression of the aura of the artist’s handwriting, negation of spiritual values, anti-illusionism and handling 3D in the same manner as the real space. Judd’s approach is a suitable platform for putting emphasis on the complex value created by the climbers. Real, virtual or synthetic movement is determined by the thought of the possible expansion of the actual space.