Štefan Papčo

The Way from the Gallery of Ganek, 2005

video-installation, varied projection scale, video – 7,28 min.


Gallery of Ganek – altitude 280m, North-West face of the High Tatras.
(In 1980 a Gallery in the “Gallery of Ganek” was chosen by Július Koler to become a place that would serve for virtual communication with the universe.)
A recording of climbing a new route at the Gallery of Ganek is projected on a framed painting canvas. The action concerned finding a new route (first ascent) at the Gallery of Ganek, and the creation of a new line (a drawing) in a yet untouched terrain. The first ascent means to understand the logic and the spirit of the mountain face. The drawing from the Gallery of Ganek is then transmitted into the “common” art gallery. The video is a documentation of climbing the first ascent. A new scheme of the climber’s route (a map that helps the climber orientate himself when climbing) comes continually into being. Each part of the route has its own sign. If the climber follows this scheme, he/she can experience something similar to climbing the first ascent. The scheme is not the final drawing. It is a map of the intangible experience.