Štefan Papčo

Cardinality, 2014

The atmosphere when mountaineers encounter rock walls on first ascents is directly reflected in the designation of climbed sections. Selected first ascents have authentic sculptural names such as, e.g.: Through the Red Roof, Along the Right Edge of a Huge Corner, Pink Flames, Central Dihedral, etc. The poetics of these names reveals, on the one hand, sensitivity and respect for the space discovered, while on the other hand it gives that space a superstructure and enriches it with a further abstract dimension which the author connects with in his work. Each first ascent is outlined in the form of a schema or map using a specific visual language, where each rock formation (e.g. pillar, chimney, fissure, slab, overhang) has its special symbol linked with the real environment and experience. The linking of the poetics of names and individual schemas forms a basis for achieving individual models of a so-called ‘mental architecture’.


Cardinality consists of steel models of this mental architecture, with procedural and material interventions using silicon, concrete, colour, and so on. Each object has an independent base and all of the objects reach to the same height, forming an imaginary horizon. This articulation gives the viewer direct access to the space formed by the individual pieces, while at the same time allowing for a number of a levels of perception, depending on the viewer’s angle of observation and imaginative capacity.  

The installation consists of abstract objects, directly linked with an atmosphere of truth via real experience and tactual contact with space. It strives to open up for the viewer a new form of discovering, knowing and feeling physical space on a number of levels, from the concrete to the ungraspable and purely spiritual.




Central Dihedral

iron, silicone,130x130x70 cm



Central Pillar

iron, silicone, 130x65x55 cm



Ninth Wave

iron, 130x240x140 cm



Black Slab Dihedral

iron, artificial stone, 130x190x35 cm



Right Chimney

iron, artificial stone, 130x90x70 cm



Up the Midle of the Wall

silicone, 130x130x35 cm



Through the Red Roof

iron, silicone, 130x220x130 cm



Along  the Right Edge of the Huge Corner

iron, silicone, 130x70x35 cm


Pink Flames

iron, silicone, 130x200x85 cm



North Pillar

silicone, 130x40x25 cm


Left Tower Edge

iron, 130x75x80 cm