Štefan Papčo

Vertical Holidays, 2007

3 channel video installation + 3 hanging objects, 2x / 200x90x180 cm/, 1x /100x35x35 cm/


A recording of the actions of two people is projected onto replicas of hanging tents. The action itself was their six-day stay in a hanging tent, climbing and bivouacking at an altitude of 700 meters, on the granite face of the Qualido (Italian Alps). The videos show their minimalist communication, performance of basic necessities, such as preparation of breakfasts and dinners, washing up, etc. Even though the face of the mountain is enormous, the safety restrictions make the space constrained.
The recording of rubbing and damaging the skin on their hands is projected onto the earth, from a replica of towing pack/bag, which is designed for the transportation of water, climbing devices, food and garments. In terms of sculpting, I used a reversed technique, as it is not the hand that models the mountain, but it is the mountain that transforms the hand of the sculptor. Used ropes, karabiners, pitons, bottles for water, etc. are placed on the floor to form some kind of carpet.