Štefan Papčo

Bivouac, 2008/09/10/11

wood, sculpture dimensions: 140x70x60 cm, site-specific installation,
IP camera, online Internet transmission


The processual project Bivouac has two phases. The most important in the realisation of the sculpture was its placement onto the face of Lomnica Peak and later on the face of Jossingfiord in Norway. It represents a mountain climber in an emergency situation, trying to protect himself from severe weather conditions. The extreme situation of is over-dimensioned and extended in terms of time. The process of transformation and finalisation of the sculpture depends on the weather conditions. Wood naturally imbibes humidity and undergoes changes caused by the mountains. The transformation and behaviour of the sculpture in a natural habitat is transmitted online through an IP camera and the Internet into public and media spaces. The goal is to provoke any regular user of the Internet to reassess his/her activity in the virtual sphere.